authenticity 101

Lianne Doucet
Professional Organizer, Vision Coach & Certified Daring Way Facilitator
(416) 400-6901

Who am I?

I’m that person who starts a random conversation with you in the grocery store. My Northern Ontario roots mean that despite living in the big city, I am passionate about connecting and creating community. I believe that courage is a heart word, and that in order to live brave lives, we must embrace vulnerability and step outside our comfort zones.

I’m also someone that believes there is a connection between our external environment and our inner state of mind. So I support people in organizing their home and lifestyle to reflect their values and who they really are.


So what can I do for you?

Let’s have a conversation about what you want and how I can help you in achieving it. The multiple hats I wear in my life are all based on a simple concept: I do what I love and I’m clear about who I am. I can help you create your own vision to reflect who you are.

Whether you crave order or creative chaos, are an extrovert or an introvert, a homebody or a nomad: uncovering your values and organizing your personal space to reflect those values will energize you. Clearing away emotional and physical clutter brings your passions to light.

Based on my professional background in Human Resources and Employment Services, I’m also a Bilingual Trainer and Facilitator who delivers training to various government ministries through
Evolution Group Inc. I love that the work often takes me to Sudbury, Timmins and Ottawa where I get to speak French and re-connect with my francophone community!

My third hat is a personal one. As a parent of a blended family of 8, I use my coaching and organizing skills, my recovery program and my shame resilience training to manage relationships on many levels. If you are navigating separation, divorce, blending a family or dealing with teens, I have experience and success stories to share. If you care to read my
Blog, you will see how communicating from the heart and having a vision can allow for joy and gratitude even in the most challenging of times.

Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you.