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Detached - Gananoque , On

15 hour contract included master bedroom and kitchen

In Client’s Words
Just went grocery shopping with a small list but of course it's easy to go off the list. I walked by the soup aisle and could picture the 5 cans of soup in my cupboard...then past the bean aisle...oh I've already got those... all this to say I LOVE MY NEW KITCHEN. Feel 3 full garbage bags lighter! Thanks!

Project: Full Kitchen
Main Issues
Disorganized pantry and cupboards led to multiple purchases and food spoilage
Lack of zoning created frustration
Non kitchen items in pantry taking up space

Removed every item from every cupboard and pantry to sort and zone
Cleaned all surfaces
Returned items by zone based on client’s use of kitchen
Eliminated spoiled or past due date food items
Transferred open packages into glass containers (already available in pantry but under-utilized) and labelled everything for quick access


8 hours


Hourly Rate of Professional Organizer

Before / After

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