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Bungalow - St Clair East and O’Connor, Toronto

15 hour contract included kitchen, basement storage area, garage

In Client’s Words
Hiring Lianne was one of my better decisions. I was feeling overwhelmed by my kitchen, my garage was an embarrassment and all of my storage felt like it was bursting at the seams. Initially, I thought that I simply didn’t have time to do this so I would hire Lianne to do it for me. But it became much more than that. There is absolutely no way that I could have accomplished everything Lianne did in the time that she did it. That woman has a gift, and she enjoys this! Lianne has solutions for organization, she is highly efficient and she is respectful and flexible. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Project: Garage
Main Issues
  • Renovation materials and waste mixed in with camping gear, boxes of documents, furniture
  • Frustration at inability to access items
  • No clear knowledge of what items were actually in the garage

Sort through
all items to determine what gets kept, donated, or thrown out
Create zones for storage
Organize items on shelving and label bins
Clean and sweep area

Catalogue, photograph and donate leftover renovation and household items to ReStore
Zone renovation waste and garbage for pick up from JcoJunk


8 hours, minimal input from client


Hourly Rate of Professional Organizer plus fee for JcoJunk to pick up waste

Before / After

IMG_0757 IMG_1026

IMG_0758 IMG_1027

IMG_0761 IMG_1035

IMG_0763 IMG_1036

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