Authenticity 101

Semi - Coxwell and Danforth, Toronto

10 hour contract included kitchen and basement

In Client’s Words
Will you marry me?

In Client’s daughter’s Words
That desk area is awesome! I’m going to go get my homework and start right now!

Project: Semi-finished Basement
Main Issues
  • Room was dumping ground for homeless objects, computers, clothes, kitchen items
  • Multiple computer parts, cables, modems piled on desk (taken away before photo)
  • Frustration of children who wanted the space for doing homework and watching TV

Removal of items that do not belong and dispose of appropriately, ie computer equipment went to transfer station electronic waste depot and donations to charity
Vacuum and clean all surfaces
Rearranging storage shelves and tv stand for better traffic flow
Clear desk area and zone all school supplies and printer in same area
Minimize storage bins and find alternate storage for items that didn’t belong


4 hours, working with client


Hourly Rate of Professional Organizer

Before / After

IMG_0621 IMG_0624

IMG_0620 IMG_0625

IMG_0623 IMG_0627

IMG_0622 IMG_0626

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