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Bungalow - Coxwell and O’Connor, Toronto

10 hour contract included master bedroom and child’s bedroom

In Client’s Words
My greatest struggle with organization is the overwhelming feeling that starts in my gut when I look at the clutter in my home. I really don't know where to start so I don't. One of Lianne’s many abilities is just getting me to look at the clutter and not be afraid of it. It also helps that she brings boxes, bags, tape etc. Her style of doing while coaching has enabled me to look at the clutter in my space in a non threatening manner. At the end of a coaching session we have de-cluttered a room while discussing the reason it is cluttered in the first place. Lianne has an approach that is gentle yet effective. This works well for me because I am defensive about my disorganization!

Project: Son’s Bedroom
Main Issues
  • Too many items from other rooms in bedroom
  • Lack of storage
  • Impractical furniture setup
  • Frustration over inability to find items when needed

Clearing out clothing, sports equipment and toys that are outgrown or damaged
Rearranging furniture for better flow in room
Sweep and clean all surfaces
Removing items that do not belong in the bedroom and finding a home for them elsewhere
Creating specific zones for items to maintain order going forward


2 hours, working with client


Hourly Rate of Professional Organizer

Before / After

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