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Lianne Doucet
Trained Professional Organizer, Vision Coach & Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator
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How do I organize?

My approach to organizing is to take you through the process one step at a time. It’s simply a logical sequence of events.

The first step is for you to decide that you are willing to make a change. If you are not ready for a fundamental shift in how you approach the stuff in your life, then any work that gets done will be a short term solution and won’t last. I do not want you to waste your financial or emotional resources so our first conversation and visit to your home will be a discovery session to determine if we are a good fit and to discuss my approach and your expectations. We will chat about your frustrations, your fears, your excitement and your vision and we will walk around your home to see what the current reality is. (This is the best part, really, because I love a challenge and get super excited about new projects!)

If we decide to work together, we move on to the next step of picking where you want to start. It can be a small project like a closet or a large project like a kitchen. Either one gets tackled in the same logical way. We take everything out, we sort the items into groupings and we decide what to keep, what to donated, what to dispose of. The decision is always the client’s. These are your things and my role is simply to take you through the process of looking at them from a different perspective.

I am not a fan of throwing things out and will never ask anyone to part with something that is valuable to them. Value is subjective and it is not my place to assign value to your things. I will however ask some hard questions about why the item is being kept, and where it will be kept but as your partner in the process, I honour your possessions and you as the client have the final word.

I am a reduce, reuse and recycle kind of gal. I will look for every possible way to minimize items in landfill. I will often take an item from one area of your house to re-purpose it in another. Once we have organized the space we are working on, we move to the next step which is to create systems and solutions to support you in maintaining the newly organized space. This part is always customized to your family, your home and your preferences.

Sometimes I work closely with the client during the entire session as there is sorting to do that they must be present for. Sometimes I will be on my own as I can easily sort things into piles to discuss with the client at a late time. Each client and project will be different. This will all be part of our initial conversation and the project will evolve as we work together.

I work in the GTA but have done projects in other cities (St. Thomas, Collingwood, Windsor and Gananoque for instance) so I am open to discussing out of town contracts.
Contact me at when you are ready and willing!

Lianne brings great energy and a real sense of fun to her organizing work. She provides practical suggestions but her most important contribution is to help change attitudes towards possessions. She teaches one how to surround oneself with objects and systems that enhance life rather than just take up space. ~ J.C.

Hi Lianne,
To recognize and encourage the work you did with me – here’s my update:

1.      Hired magical organizer woman to organize my kitchen and pantry.
2.      Recruited 2 teenagers and husband to locate garage sale items
3.      Scheduled date for Shred-it to come shred confidential documents
4.      Had a garage sale – made $180 – recovered a whole bunch of space in the garage and attic
5.      Had Canadian Diabetes pick up stuff that didn’t sell in the garage sale
6.      Went through attic and office to find documents to shred. Invited in-laws to bring their stuff too!
7.      During the above process, organized half of the attic – most of the stuff now has a home
8.      Watched Shred-It shred about 10 bankers boxes of documents and VHS tapes of bad training!

I often put on my “Lianne Hat” now to decide how to set up my living room furniture or clear out the art cupboard! Thank you for everything.~ A.H.

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