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Lianne Doucet
Trained Professional Organizer, Vision Coach & Certified Daring Way Facilitator
(416) 400-6901


Organizing 101

Envisioning a life that reflects your values needs to include your physical spaces. If you don’t organize your life according to your priorities, there will be disconnect between your values and your daily choices. You will do less of the things you truly want and love, and more of the exasperating activities that drain you of your vital energy. Like constantly looking for your misplaced keys or buying yet another black shirt when you own 5 but can’t find them.

Organizing and de-cluttering is one piece of the big picture that is our life. Each individual and family should have their own unique systems for managing their spaces. There are no “one size fits all” solutions and that is why having a vision for your home is important. You must take into consideration your own natural inclinations and how your mind works. Do you want keys on a hook or keys in a bowl? Open shelves or cupboard doors? A home office or a home gym?

Organizing is something that I have done my whole life and I truly enjoy it. Let me take you through a visioning process for your own organized space and you will see the positive effects of shedding your clutter and your bad habits.

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