authenticity 101

authenticity 101

Lianne Doucet
Professional Organizer, Vision Coach and Certified Daring Way Facilitator-Candidate
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What types of facilitating do I do?

Focus groups and Training in Employment Services - Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

... thank you for doing a great job. [amazing] what you have learned, and in French, in such a short period of time. Well done.”

True Colours sessions with Boards of Directors and staff from community organizations, college students and other groups.

it was one of the best training days we’ve had so far!’”

What is “True Colours”?

Do you know what you value and why? Our behaviours and actions each day reflect at what level we are living from our core values. The True Colours vocabulary helps us communicate the expression of our character, and better understand the character of those we interact with. This is a fun and simple way to learn about your strengths, values, motivations and frustrations.

The benefits of knowing our True Colours include:

• providing us with an opportunity to open our hearts and minds to our own potential

• helping us recognize and encourage potential in others

creating opportunity for nonjudgmental communication - leading to curiosity, respect and compassion for ourselves and others

The Personal Success Seminar is designed to be a 3-4 hour workshop however other formats are available, ranging from 90 minutes to a full day. Participant activities and small group discussions are involved. Individual assessments are available upon request.

NEW! True Colours for the Family

Knowing your partner’s and children’s True Colours is an incredible tool for understanding your family dynamic. Your ability to have a clear understanding of the values each person holds dear will give you the information you need to create positive relationships and reduce conflicts. The informal session is held in your home with all family members present. It is approx 2-3 hours depending on the size of the family and the fee is $150.

True Colours

I am impulsive and need fun, excitement and variety
witty, charming, generous, skillful, bold, optimistic, impactful

I am creative, and need to feel unique and authentic
enthusiastic, sincere, harmonious, communicative, romantic, idealistic, affectionate

I am analytical and need explanations and answers
conceptual, calm, inventive, logical, perfectionist, visionary, nonconformist

I am dependable and need traditions and order
loyal, sensible, faithful, organized, stable, respectful, caring