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What’s a Financial Healing Circle?

Financial literacy, managing your money or budgeting do not need to be boring or scary.  It doesn't matter how much money there is, it's all about being aware of your reality and then taking action. By choice.  The Financial Healing Circle is a 4 session Circle using True Colours analogies regarding how money works in your life.  (See a description of True Colours on the Facilitating Page)

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First Session: Blue - How we feel and communicate about money

How did we grow up, how did our parents deal with (or not deal with) money?
What are the stories we tell ourselves about money? 
How do we value ourselves, in terms of our worth and how much we charge for our services? 
What is our money set-point?  
At what point do we start to go beyond our comfort zone of the amount of money we "deserve" and finds ways to sabotage ourselves if we go above it?
How much power do we give money?
What does money mean to us: is it power / love / security / happiness ?
What are our choices around money: how do we acquire it, how do we spend it, how do we save or not save it?  
What are the feelings associated with the various ways we deal with having or not having money?  
Is it shame / pride / comfort / unease / guilt?
How much do we share about / complain about / brag about / hide or ignore our money situation?
What holds us back from being honest with ourselves or with others?

Primary goal of session: realistic awareness of our money personality and current emotional state regarding money

Second Session: Gold - How we organize and manage money  

How do we budget, keep track of, manage our finances?
Do we have a vision based on our financial values?
What are our financial priorities? Do we discuss them with our spouse, our kids, our exes?
How do we decide where our money goes?  Do we make those decisions or are they made for us?
Do we know exactly how much comes into our household?  How much goes out and where?
Are we feeling stressed / overwhelmed / anxious / guilty / secretive / happy / comfortable / excited / hopeful about money?

Primary goal of session: creating a financial vision based on values and priorities that includes a budget (or at least a spending record!)

Third Session: Green - How we research and get informed on choices regarding money

What are all the different tools, vehicles, products that support a financially stable vision? RRSP, RESP, wills, life insurance, credit ratings, mortgages, credit lines, investing, taxes, tax free savings, emergency funds, credit card choices, health insurance, real estate investing, bank accounts, etc 
What are the ways to use these tools to save money, make money, use money to our advantage

Primary goal of session: Offering information on various tools that are necessary parts of a healthy financial picture

Fourth Session: Orange - How to enjoy the freedom of being secure and playing with our money 

How can managing your money bring you the freedom to meet your goals, attain your vision?
How can doing the work to set things up now mean less work and more play down the road?
How can we get creative about passive income?
How can we make money management fun?

Primary goal of session: Changing the perspective around money management

Bonus Session: YNAB Budgeting

The YNAB session is for those who choose to try the software and learn the basics.  There is a 30 day trial period and a ten day “crash course in budgeting” that is really great. I've been using the software for over a year and feel competent enough to pass along my knowledge. If you want to check it out, go to