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What’s a Vision Circle?

Visioning is a heartfelt process that helps you access what you truly desire. It’s about discovering and getting comfortable with who you really are at your core and pushing yourself past the negative self-talk and out of your comfort zone. Discovering and embracing your true self within a circle of supportive women allows you to practice trusting yourself, and others, in order to voice your dreams out loud with confidence.

In the Vision Circle, you’ll be in community with other women who want to live their lives from an authentic place. You will be able to share your inner thoughts, realize what you are resisting and receive love and support to go forward. This will not eliminate the realities of the every day challenges but it will clarify your vision for your life so that you “take action” from a place of self-worth instead of being “in reaction” to others.

The current circle is a
Financial Healing Circle. For more information, click here.

VISION BOARDS from past circles



dee's vision board may 2010 compressed


Nancy Vision Board


Vision Board