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Lianne Doucet
Trained Professional Organizer, Vision Coach & Certified Daring Way Facilitator
(416) 400-6901


What is Vision Coaching?

Coaching is a tool that allows you to explore the possibilities for your best life in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Self-awareness is the first step to living authentically and being true to yourself. Once you know what’s important to you, creating a vision based on your values is possible. It often comes down to perspective and how we view the world and our part in it.

If you are wanting to feel fulfilled in your personal relationships, your family, your work, your home or your community, having a vision is crucial. Vision coaching will support you in discovering what feeds your soul, minimize or eliminate your negative self-talk and help you find a clear path to the life you really want.

What are my clients saying?

I am on an incredible journey of self-discovery and healing and know for sure that I wouldn't be here without you as my coach! From the beginning of our circle sessions, I trusted you and felt relaxed.  Your genuine personality and ability to make me feel safe are what really work for me.  ~ Dee

Lianne is
a great listener and I found myself instantly comfortable with her coaching style.  She provided a safe place for me to crack myself open and say out loud what had been swirling around in my head. ~ Ron

You have a nurturing quality, and a strong presence. I like the combination of both those qualities because I feel you're not a pushover -- that you'll give the straight goods -- and you'll also be patient and kind. ~ Mia