Trained Professional Organizer, Vision Coach & Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

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Look familiar?

You are not alone. Maybe you're in transition, in recovery, or in a particularly busy period of your life. Hiring me as your partner in the organizing process can make overwhelming choices seem less daunting. Together, we will decide what you value and deem important in a fun yet pragmatic and efficient way. You will ultimately feel more in control of your personal environment.
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Lianne has helped me to get my "house in order" which has also helped me get my life in order. From clothes to books to knicknacks to furniture to papers- we've gone through it all. She's gone above and beyond with driving me to pick up items and helping with gardening. My home is much more peaceful now, and we have real fun in the process. Lianne has a way of breaking tasks down into bite size pieces, so that you don't get discouraged. She is always patient and filled with great ideas. I would highly recommend her services, and I consider her a friend.
I have been working with Lianne for 4 years now. We started with a huge basement cleanup shortly after my wife passed. Lianne has the wonderful ability to sort emotionally intense clutter, while making it all seem realistic, easy and cheery. If you like a painless way to do difficult things, Lianne is the Organizer for you. She has the quiet charm of an expert who will take you through it all. She also understands when it is time to laugh at your jokes. One stage to go and I know Lianne will be there!
What I love about Lianne is her ability to sort items into donate, recycle, hazardous waste or garbage (as a last resort) quickly but allowing for the pauses when you are unsure. There's always a "maybe" bin but she keeps you moving forward. Her knowledge of resources and appropriate places to donate items is very helpful. As an entrepreneur herself, she is an excellent support for a small business owner at tax-time and in regards to how to set up home offices efficiently. I like how she is helping me create a new lifestyle rather than going back to holding on to everything.