Trained Professional Organizer, Vision Coach & Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

September 2019

When Visioning Becomes Reality: The GreyFrame


In the early stages of my coaching career I hosted Vision Circles. I gathered a few intrepid friends & clients who were willing to go on a journey and we challenged each other to be vulnerable, courageous, step out of our comfort zone and dare to want the things that would fulfill us. We were making it up as we went along but almost 10 years later, I can see the results in the lives of the women who stepped into that visioning exercise with me and there are incredible success stories for all of them.

We cut pictures and words out of magazines and drew images that inspired us to focus on what we wanted. My personal vision board is still in my office, and when I look at it, I realize I am actually living the life I had envisioned all those years ago. It gives me goosebumps to think of how many amazing things have transpired for me and that initial group of women.  I can also confirm that none of the results were because we knew HOW to make them happen. We simply took the time to really think about what was important to us and make it real by physically creating a visual goal. Then we continued living our lives aimed in that direction as best as possible, with intention.

One of the pictures I had put on my vision board was of a beautiful country field. I love my city life but my northern Ontario roots mean I crave nature. Lakes and rocks are awesome but farmland has always appealed to me as well. So in 2015, when we went for a long walk in the woods on snowshoes with our friends in Grey County, we had no idea that our lives were about to change.

We ended up in front of a little cabin that our friends said was on their land but that they didn't use. As an afterthought, they casually mentioned "It needs work, but you're welcome to use it if you'd like". We didn't hesitate.  Within two weeks, we had started ripping up old carpeting and discovering the various creatures we were going to have to evict to make this our home instead of theirs.

We don't own the land or the building but we have an agreement with our friends that we trust. We have spent the past 4 years renovating and making this our country getaway and it has been the most amazing journey. We didn't set out to become friends with people that had a farm.  I simply had conversations over time with one of my workout buddies and built a relationship that eventually included our husbands. We didn't accept their invitation to spend a weekend at their farm because they might offer us an unused cabin. We were going to spend time with them to deepen our friendship. This was simply a gradual process built on trust and generosity, with the main ingredient being vulnerability.  Having the courage to take risks is what has led to a deeper friendship, wonderful moments and the renewal of a space that is now being enjoyed by all of us.

The gratitude I feel every time I drive up to this magical place is immense. I encourage you to consider what you would put on a vision board to inspire yourself.  I truly believe that having intentions and a vision for our life is powerful. If you feel stuck and think I could be of service in your journey, please reach out. I would love to chat.