authenticity 101

Apr 2014

Taking a Pass on Perfectionism


One of my bigger challenges in life is perfectionism. I am feeling very annoyed at this very moment as I have to re-write the entire blog that I wrote about perfectionism when my computer froze 10 minutes ago and my work disappeared. As you can imagine, this is no longer the original blog. There's really no way to recreate what I first wrote and I would make myself crazy trying to remember each word and phrase. Sigh. In a not so distant past, I might have attempted it.

The sign you see above is my artist statement poster for the Brené Brown "Gifts of Imperfection" art journaling e-course. The best part about that poster is that I made a big mistake when I was creating it. I was supposed to write "I am a creative being". Somehow I got carried away in my stamping ecstasy and there you have it - imperfection staring at me every day from my desk. The universe is sending me quite a signal these days about perfectionism. Time to let it go my dear.

Perfectionism truly is the enemy of vulnerability and creativity. There's really no way to be perfect at something you've never tried, so being more open to the possibility of failure as an outcome of daring greatly is appealing. And who defines failure anyway? I know I'm much harder on myself than anyone else would be. So I'm going to try things, see how they feel, enjoy them or maybe not. Then I can decide if I want to try them again. Creativity is not a narrow definition in my head anymore that says it has to be drawing, painting or sculpture to be artistic. If I'm doing something creative based on my values and interests from a place of self-worth, then I can just experiment and enjoy the process. It's a very exciting concept to think of creativity as simply enjoying our own unique gifts and creating whatever suits us. I am going to get in the garden, enjoy the art journaling assignments from my e-course, make more scrapbooks and continue to create the vision of my life.

I am a creative being. And, according to my poster, a creative person too.